Calendar in year view (12 month's view)

Is there is component that displays the calendar in 12 month’s view together?

Sorry, but CUBA has no such component. Actually, Vaadin also has no such component. But you can use Vaadin’s Date Picker for that purpose. For example, you can place twelve date pickes for each month.

Actually Vaadin has a Calendar component in the link you provided. It would be good if this could be integrated into CUBA Studio.

Hi Edwin,

It can be integrated. You can have a look at the timesheets sample (it works only for full version of the sudio though). Another way - you can download and setup ‘Lori Timesheets’ solutions from our solutions page and see how it works in the CUBA application.

Moreover, since version 6.1 you can intergrate your own component into CUBA and use if from CUBA Studio (since version 2.1). You can find more information in the documentation. Have a look here and here. You also can find detailed explanation of how to add Vaadin, JS and GWT component and add those to the Studio.

Finally, we will consider adding calendar component into the range of components, available by default.

However, Mortoza asked about another and very specific calendar view, that’s why we didn’t reccomend Vaadin component you mentioned.