Calendar don't show navigation buttons

Hi there!

I setup my calendar like this in my xml:

<calendar id="calendar" datatype="localDateTime" navigationButtonsVisible="true" width="90%"/>

And i also tried to setup it in my controller:


When i test attribut (NavigationButtonsVisible) , it return true.
And i didn’t see any nav buttons to browse week.

Hello @Dr-LeBro!

I have tried your example and it works normally:

  • Xml descriptor
    <window xmlns=""
          <calendar id="calendar" datatype="localDateTime" navigationButtonsVisible="true" width="90%"/>
  • Result

Could you share an XML screen descriptor where you use the calendar?

The display of navigation buttons is determined by the presence of navbuttons-disabled style for the Calendar component. If it is not, then the buttons are displayed. If navbuttons-disabled style is added to the Calendar component, the buttons are not displayed. Perhaps you are using a custom style for the Calendar component?


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You were right, i was using example from cuba demo and i didn’t notice the end of scss.

.v-calendar-header-week .v-calendar-back, .v-calendar-header-week .v-calendar-next {
   display: none;

So now, it is work! Thanks!