Calendar control month view - no navigation?

In the calendar control, I’ve noticed there’s no navigation (forward/backward) in the month view; is this something that’s planned? It seems like that would be useful, required almost.


By design, the Vaadin Calendar component has navigation buttons only in weekly view (can be enabled by navigationButtonsVisible="true"). But, from our experience, they are not very useful. In our projects we implement custom navigation with additional features, e.g.:



Yeah - I figured that would be easy enough - I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be reinventing any wheels.

Are there any plans to enhance the platform with this functionality?

Unfortunately, no. The Vaadin underlying Calendar component used to be a third-party add-on before it was included in Vaadin 8 as a part of the framework, so it has quite complex architecture and it’s hard to extend its UI part.

Fair enough. I suppose you could wrap it as a “CubaCalendar” or something, but then again maybe not as many projects need it.

I’ll just implement what I need similar to what you showed.

Onto way more important issues, like my other open thread. Ugh!