Calendar Context menu for event not for cell

Currently in Timesheets project of yours I see that context menu items are only customized per cell not per click target.

If I right click on free space in cell I get context menu items for events in it if there’s at least one event.
However if action intended for event is applied to cell error occurs
Applied delete to blank space in cell:
Can it be done so that:
I rightClick event and get ONLY items for it in contextMenu
I rightClick free space and I only get “add” in contextMenu
So can context menu be customized on basis of click target not of cell ?
Unfortunately documentation seems to say NO
But maybe there’s some way? (To invent custom calendar from sources of Vaadin Calendar? Even your Cuba team hasn’t done that, has it? ( Or something simpler)

Maybe it’s achievable using some ContextMenu add-on created by Peter Lehto
What about it’s support in Cuba? Maybe it’s what I need
Vaadin-context-menu - #6 от пользователя gorelov - CUBA.Platform I’ll look at it

Isn’t it impossible to overcome this? I’ll be looking into it in-deep soon