Bulk edit

Is it possible to realize a bulk edition of entities from table button edit in Cuba (natively)?
To solve this i use a service but maybe exists a better solution. When I use a service I need to create a new screen, could I reuse the edit screen?

Answer is here BulkEditor.
Delete this topic, I cant.

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Let us keep it. May help someone.

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Hi Konstantin,

Can I create somehow a BulkEdit based on a multiple filter ? Let say I have a list of filters saved, and when I click the BulkEdit button, a dropdown list where I can select filters is showed, then based on selected filter I will apply the bulkedit.

Do you think this is possible?

Hi Gent,

I think it is possible: look at the actionPerform() method of the BulkEditAction class. In fact, it just opens the bulkEditor screen with a set of parameters including the collection of selected entities. You can do the same in your custom action with a collection of entities loaded by some conditions.

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