BuildWar task error

Hi team,

I am working on application using two datastores for two different MS SQL Server schemas mymusala_core - Main one, and dbo additional one.
In cuba studio deployments options I checked Single War for Middleware and Web client option and app properties- [‘cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate’ : true]. I run buildWar task in build.gradle file. The war was created successfully however
when I checked the resulting war - META-INF/context.xml dirverClass name for the main datastore has spases in its name. Also the current schema parameter was not set at all although it was provided in the studio configuration.
The additional datastore was set correctly in the same file.

This configurat
I am using the last platform version 6.7.4.

Hi Martin,

We’ll try to reproduce the problem.
In the meantime, you can provide your own context.xml in the coreContextXmlPath parameter of the buildWar task.

Hi Konstantin,

I am using the following context.xml configuration for our project:
context.xml (1.3 KB)

Which version of Studio do you use?
Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the issue with incorrect driverClass name.

Let me write here how Studio generates context.xml for WAR.

When the “Include Tomcat’s context.xml” checkbox is enabled context.xml is just copied from the ‘modules/core/web/meta-inf’ directory to WAR.

When “Custom context.xml path” is specified the file is copied and renamed to “context.xml”
In new versions of Studio you can also open the file in IDE. And if the generated by Studio config does not fit you, you can correct it in IDE.