buildWar fails with error "Polymer build directory es6-unbundled doesn't exists" for a react project

I cannot build my WAR files anymore because of that error (es6-unbundled doesn't exists), and I cannot find any docs specific to react projects in 6.x (only Polymer).

I added a react project using Studio 6, and it called the module polymer-client, but ok it’s not such a big deal… but now it can’t even bundle it properly, and that’s a major issue.

Please, someone can point out the correct project structure (for a react app) to be able to create a war file?



Please specify polymerBuildDir='.' in the buildWar task. Sorry for the inconvenience, It’s fixed in Studio 7.2.


Quite unbelievably still not fixed in Studio 11. This React thing seems like a joke, there’s even some vaporware here React-UI - dropdowns show "no data" from autogenerated components - #4 от пользователя minaev - CUBA.Platform, very unprofessional.
I remember when polymer 1.0 seemed promising.
Ok, maybe it’s just me, evidently no one uses this, but I would really like to know what are your plans and roadmap for this mobile client/front module mess and related technologies.


@parmelim what version of CUBA your project is based on?

Platform 7.09 and Studio 11