Building Yarg

I have downloaded latest code base in eclipse. the gradle task assemble is not available is there something I am missing?
Also I tried to use the jar yarg and yarg-api 1.0.59 in maven but several packages are missing so cannot run invoice example.



  1. Do you mean that Gradle plugin for Eclipse does not show the assemble task?
  2. Could you please provide your building file with added yarg and yarg-api jars? If you use Maven or Gradle, all dependencies should be included automatically.

Thank you.

I figured it out did not realize you had a multi project gradle it is working fine now thanks

The sendReportByEmail example (found at builds fine, but I can’t get the line “import com.haulmont.yarg.reporting.ReportOutputDocument;” working in my own project. It won’t build. It seems that yarg isn’t being imported correctly. I’ve dug through all my files and can’t locate the exact cause of the issue.

Any suggestions?

Never mind. I got it fixed. For some reason my project has trouble building sometimes so I have to do some things manually. I had to do the same thing with Charts.