Building Cuba platform from source, cannot open project

Hi everyone,

I’ve built Cuba platform from source as described in git page :

After building the project with changed Cuba version ex: ext.cubaVersion = ‘6.7-SNAPSHOT’
the project does not open in Cuba studio, I get an error shown in attached file.

I assume Cuba studio is checking it’s repository for artifacts of new version that I’ve specified and throwing this error, even though the new version artifact is present in my local maven repository (and I’ve added mavenLocal() to gradle build file).

So the question is how do I open the project built with snapshot version of Cuba in Cuba studio?

Excerpt from build file:

buildscript {
	//ext.cubaVersion = '6.6.1'
    ext.cubaVersion = '6.7-SNAPSHOT'
    ext.cubaVersion = rootProject.hasProperty('buildVersion') ? rootProject['buildVersion'] : cubaVersion
    println("CUBA Platform Version ${ext.cubaVersion}")
    repositories {
        maven {
            credentials {
                username System.getenv('HAULMONT_REPOSITORY_USER') ?: 'cuba'
                password System.getenv('HAULMONT_REPOSITORY_PASSWORD') ?: 'cuba123'
            url System.getenv('HAULMONT_REPOSITORY_URL') ?: ''
    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'com.haulmont.gradle', name: 'cuba-plugin', version: cubaVersion



Unfortunately, we do not provide unstable versions of CUBA Studio, so you will not be able to open projects that use the upcoming minor/major version of the platform until we release the corresponding Studio version. Any CUBA Studio release is compatible with all the previous version of the platform but is not with the upcoming version since usually for new platform version we perform additional migrations, support new features, slightly change project structure, etc.

If you want to check fixed bug in release branch I’d recommend that you checkout release_6_6 branch, build and install it.

We are planning to publish unstable builds of CUBA Studio to our web site in the near future, we will announce it after Java One conference in October.

Hi @demego,
Currently, we are working on creating of nightly builds web page. It will be announced soon.
You may use the following static URLs to get the latest builds of Studio 6.7:
Best regards,
Ivan (Release engineer in Haulmont)

:platform: Nightly builds are stored here.