Building Cuba-Application from source?

Hi community,

I know, that it is a big selling point to use Cuba Studio, but in my case, the application is not so big, that if I will use the “10” free entities and adding some more entities, it will be fine…

my question is, are there some good tutorials/documentations, which explain how to develop by source?
I think it is much heavier, because if I need to create an User-Interface, I will need to do all manually etc, also writing the SQL-Scripts when creating Entity?

For help I would be very thankful!


You can start from CUBA CLI tutorial: CUBA CLI Quick Start - YouTube It enables you to build applications from scratch using command line and your Java IDE.

You can read more about sources structure and files here: Project File Structure - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

See also: Starting Build Tasks - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

Thanks, the Youtube Video is great, do you have more informations or links like this?


After that you can simply dive into documentation, it is all about the framework, only some pages about Studio.

May I ask,
which program do you use, to create such Youtube videos or cut the videos?