Build an ERP, CRM, MPS based on Cuba Platform

Hi. Is there someone how wants to build open source ERP, CRM, MSP based on Cuba Platform.
I know this is a huge project. But is Cuba Platform capable of serve such a big project, is there people in this forum that wants to join such project?
If anyone want to discuss this topic please hook up on: Discord.

I want to use github to be the source sharing point. But we also need a project management system. Does someone knows of a system that is free and open source and online.


ERP = Enterprise Resource Planner,
CRM = Customer Relationskip Management
MPS = Material and Production Management

I also want to do this, I have started a project in PHP and MySQL that ended up like an ERP/CRM. I have just found out CUBA Platform yesterday and started refreshing my Java memories. I want to participate in your project.

Can you hook up on discord so we can chat?

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I have joind Discord, the cuba-platform server

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Hi. I’m Java SE/EE web developer with more than 10 years experience. I heard about Cuba platform, about a month ago. after relase a little project on CUBA I’m interested to go ahead and create more complex project. So I’m interested to join to the project.

Sounds good, we need some place to share ideas and plans and more. I have created an discussion but we need some place to collaborate closer. Any ideas, Google docs and Bitbucket and trello?

Hi I might be interested depending on the situation. The discourse link seems to be expired


I am the owner of Microhard Technology Development Corporation
Egyptian company
I would like to cooperate and join with you to develop erp & crm

Hi @microcol
My company has a full-ERP and HRIS systems developed in CUBA platform. We can discuss if you want to represent this product in your country. Here is the website

You’re welcome to discuss how we can collaborate. Feel free to email:


Oh, this looks interesting. Just interested in how to build your own CRM system.