Bug in the sourceCodeEditor

Hi I have a frame with SourceCodeEditor that I"m using i my application. I have to dynamically set the content of the sourceCodeEditor at runtime. For some reason this will not work unless the the frame containing the SourceCodeEditor has a width set in pixelsl (e.g. 250px). If I set the frame width to Auto or 100%, for example, the SourceCodeEditor content is never populated.

CUBA Studio
Version 6.8.2


Hello, @herby

Does your SourceCodeEditor have fixed sizes or not? According to the layout rules you have two options:

  • Set fixed size to frame and set 100% width to nested components
  • Set fixed size to nested components and don’t set any size to frame

Could you share test project with your case?


HI Danili

I believe i tried all the permutations of setting 100% on the component or wrapping frame and it still didn’t work. For now I’m setting the width in pixels as I’m fine with the solution for now.