Bug in Platform 6.7: FieldGroupField of property path with numeric data type can not be created

A fieldgroup (datasource class e.g. “Vehicle”) has a field whose property attribute is a property path (e.g. “engine.size”). The property (e.g. “size”) is a numeric datatype.

Fieldgroup can not be created, exception “Property ‘engine.size’ not found in namespace$Vehicle”

In FieldGroupFieldFactoryImpl.java for numeric property the new introduced CurrencyField is tried to create:
GeneratedField currencyField = createCurrencyField(fc);
In createCurrencyField method following code fails, since “engine.size” is no direct property of “Vehicle”:
MetaProperty metaProperty = fc.getTargetDatasource().getMetaClass().getPropertyNN(fc.getProperty());

Hello, Stefan.

This issue is already found and will be fixed soon. Track changes here: YouTrack

Best regards,