Bug in EntityCombinedScreen.initEditComponents?

I have an entity combined screen. In the details I have a fieldgroup and I added below a TabSheet.
The issue I face is that the field group is not disabled when viewing a record.

I suspect it comes from initEditComponents of EntityCombinedScreen:

    TabSheet tabSheet = getTabSheet();
    if (tabSheet != null) {
        //disable tabsheet content
    } else {

What is the rationale to not disable the fieldGroup if a tabsheet is present?

as a workaround I can probably rename my tabsheet to another name, but then it will not be disabled (as it is not part of the fieldGroup.
Wouldn’t it be better to have a container and disable the whle container? or maybe I miss somthing?

Hi Thierry,

Thank you for reporting the problem. Created issue.