Bug? Can't find datasource by name procAttachementsDs in ProcAttachmentsFrame

when we upgrade from 6.6.4 to 6.9.5 and run into an exception:
Can’t find datasource by name procAttachementsDs ,frameId=ProcAttachmentsFrame

we compared the proc-attachments-frame.xml in both 6.6.4 and 6.9.5.
in 6.6.4, we have:

        <collectionDatasource id="procAttachmentsDs"

while we don’t have this in 6.9.5. i think that’s the reason for this error.
Can someone check if this is a bug and do we have a WA?


the reason is the same as described in this answer. The datasource definition was moved from the ProcAttachmentsFrame itself to the screens that contain this frame (e.g. proc-instance-edit.xml and standard-proc-form.xml). The ProcAttachmentsFrame uses the datasource that is defined in the parent screen.