Browser screen in component doesn't update in the app that uses this custom component


I’m making a test using custom components. In the component i have a browser that i used as custom component for another project. After that i change the columns order in the browser in the component so it look like the “browser in component” image. Then i clicked in run > install app component. When i open the main project, which uses the component as a custom one i click build > clean, build > assemble project.
When i finally start the app and when i use the browser i got a result like in the “browser called no updated” image.

At first i thought it didnt update the screen, but i made a test eliminating a column in the component and it updated that in the main project. The problem is that it doesn’t refresh when i change the column order.

Thanks in advance for your help.

browser in component

browser called no updated


Most probably your problem is not related to using application components.

By default, Table saves the order of columns for each user in SEC_USER_SETTINGS table (sec$UserSettings entity). Try to clear the table in the database or using the Entity Inspector screen.

You can also switch off saving settings for the table using the settingsEnabled XML attribute.


You are right. It´s a great feature of the framework, so the developer doesn´t have to change the column order for each user requirement.

Thanks for your help!