Browser not opening the editor it needs to open

Good day,

I create 3 different browsers for the same entity, named the following:


Each browser has its own editor.

Movies$MovieEditor1.edit for browser 1
Movies$MovieEditor2.edit for browser 2
Movies$MovieEditor3.edit for browser 3

How do I make it so that if I click on the create button on each browser screen , it opens its respective editor, because now when I click on create, it gives an error that reads

“No Such Screen
Screen ‘Movies$MovieEditor.edit’ is not defined”

Is there a way to fix it so it opens the editor it’s needs to open? Is there a way to change what editor screen the create action opens?

Kind regards


Could you please share the version of the platform used for your project, as an implementation of such feature is completely different and depends on the used screen API.