Browse Screen with Responsive Layout


I’ve been playing around the responsive layout and after a couple of tries with a Browse Screen, looks like the component really doesn’t like tables and filter components. Is that possible?

If so, does anybody recommend any design or implementation for the responsive layout when working with a browse screen layout?

thanks in advance!

As far as I know those components do not support responsive representation and cannot adapt to narrow width.

Thanks @jreznot

does it make sense then in implementing or using some other components like cards for listing entities instead of tables?

that approach will limit the fact of using such a great tool like table and filters, but it is a shame that right now CUBA wouldn’t be 100% responsive without losing those nice features.

any thoughts or ideas will be welcome!

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Hi everyone!

Is planned, for coming soon, that generic ui supports “mobile first” approach (100% responsive)?
(regardless the portal module + js front end client)

It is a very important feature for business applications today…