Bproc together with multitenancy

I need to integrate BProc to an application that uses multutenancy, my question is whether it is possible to handle independent processes per tenant and if it’s always necessary to compile the application in case the end user requires to adjust the process?


Nelson F.

Hi, the Flowable engine supports multitenancy, but we didn’t add a support for it in BProc yet. We have issue for that, but there are no specific plans when it will be implemented.

As for redeploying the application after the process is adjusted, you need to do it only if alongside with process model modifications you added or modified some process-related java classes (a spring bean that is invoked by the service task, a UserProvider, a CUBA Screen process form, etc.). If you, for example, added a new UserTask with the InputDialog form or changed the UserTask name in the model, then you need just to deploy a new version of the process model.