BPROC instance not refreshing table after being deleted

:: Steps to Reproduce ::
Go to this screen.
the deleted entity is still on the table.
press delete again
get the error

Spasibo for the support :slight_smile: !

Hi, I don’t fully understand the issue. Which “delete” do you press? The “Delete” button in the process definition editor? This button removes the process definition itself, not the selected process instance.

Hello… thank you for your response… in some cases that delete all process didnt work… it seems to work now… for the screenshot i pressed this delete… it will not refresh the table on the previous screen.


The list of process instances in the process definition editor is not the “real-time” list. It displays process instances active for the moment you open the editor. While process definition editor is opened many of process instances may be deleted or just completed by other users and these actions won’t be reflected in the process definition editor. We don’t have plans to change this behavior and add any “auto-refreshing” functionality.


its as simple as… delete record… record delete confirmed… record is still there… view deleted record… throws error…

Okay, thank you for the explanation. Now I understand the case. It should probably be fixed. I’ve created the issue: https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issue/BPM-305