Bproc change design of tasklist

Hi there,

is it possbile to change the design of the tasklist in an easy way like extending the default tasklist screen?
Or do I have to create a new screen loading all the Data on my own?


It depends on what modifications you’re going to do. Could you please explain in more details?


for me it is enough to change the column headers of the tasklist like “business key”. And I want to change the menu item from Bproc/My Tasks to another menu item like Task Management.


To change the column caption you will have to extend the my-tasks-browse.xml screen

In CUBA Studio right-click the Screens node and select New → Screen
Then select the Extend an existing screen template (it’s on the bottom of the templates list)
In the Extend screen lookup select the my-tasks-browse.xml
A new package with extended screen XML descriptor, Java controller and messages.properties file will be generated
Open the new messages.properties file and the value there:

processInstanceBusinessKey=My Business Key

To change the menu caption you’ll need to override the message key in the main messages.properties file of your app.
Usually the file is in the package like com.company.sample.web
Add the line there:

menu-config.bproc_MyTasks.browse = New My Tasks

An information about screen extension is here.

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