bpmEntitiesService.findActiveProcInstancesForEntity instead of ProcActionsFrame#findProcInstance

Hi there. I’m dealing with upgrading legacy project from 6.8 to 6.10
And today I’ve realized that ProcActionsFrame#findProcInstance doesn’t exist anymore and instead of it I’m supposed to use bpmEntitiesService.findActiveProcInstancesForEntity to find procInstances during Frame initiation.
But problem is that it doesn’t return me any procInstances anymore although I have plenty of them but in terminal status (not active).

  1. I tried to open form with entity (absenceRequest) on terminal stage just to watch it
  2. but ProcActionsFrame during init didn’t find any active procInstance for this entity and created new procInstance.
  3. New procInstance passes startProcessAllowed() check
  4. Frame opened as new absenceRequest (new not detached)

Old behavior was:
ProcActionsFrame#findProcInstance returns detached procInstance which doesn’t pass startProcessAllowed() check and ProcActionsFrame#init(com.haulmont.bpm.entity.ProcInstance) does nothing.

Any though how to adapt my logic to new logic of BPM addon?