BPM/Workflow With System Migration

We’re currently wrapping up an early prototype of a product my company is building on the CUBA platform that is meant to replace an existing system for our customers. We plan on using the BPM module to manage the lifecycle of our primary entity type.

Does anyone have experience with migrating a record from another system and where it is in it’s lifecycle, to a BPM/Activiti Workflow? For example, if Request 123 is In Progress in our legacy system and has had a follow-up call completed, I would want the migrated record in CUBA to be mid-workflow with an assigned User Task that says “Process Request.” Is something like this even possible?

Thanks so much!

Unfortunately, we never did the migration of legacy systems to Activiti. I think it’s better to search for the information related to this topic somewhere on their resources. As for the second part of the migration (creating corresponding Cuba entities: UserTask, etc) it should not be the problem.