BPM Task Notification

Hello, I think the Activitii implementation that you did within CUBA is awesome. I was able to complete the Quickstart and create my first BPM process. Now my question is: every time a user is assigned a task, it won’t know until he goes to BPM -> Process Tasks. It would be nice for the user to be alerted that a task has been assigned to him.
As a solution, (1) I think I can augment my process by adding a Email task so that the user is notified by email that he has to take some action. (2) But what would even be better is if there were this ability to create a notification status on the menu bar for the user after he logs in.

In the case of (1) for email. Is it possible to include a link in the email body so that when the user clicks on that link, it will take him directly to the BPM -> Process Tasks?


Hi, Francis!
About the indicator near the menu. You can customize a layout of application main window and add your own component anywhere to the screen. It is described in the documentation.
Editing of main window layout is supported in Studio. There is a “Create main window” link on the “Screens” navigator panel.
Another option you may think about is using the application folders. See here and here for details. The folder is a link that opens an entity browser with a data filtered by some criteria like “entities that have a task for the current user”. There is also a number of items displayed near the folder name. Example of folder panel:

As for links in the email body. Yes, it is possible to create a link to the screen. Screen links are described here.