BPM: Programmatic solution

I understand the whole workflow in CUBA is configured partly in programmatic and partly visual mode at application run time. When I have many similar workflows how can I save some time by not doing the same design work again and again for different workflows? Is there any way I can copy-paste and modify the names or any other RAD-type feature I can explore?

Any suggestions is appreciated.

The editor we use for model drawing doesn’t support copy-pasting. Importing of models created in another BPMN editors is not supported at the moment, although we think about it. Maybe it will be possible in future.
You can try submodels: https://doc.cuba-platform.com/bpm-6.6/submodels.html. They are repeatable parts of the models. Maybe they’ll cover some of you needs

Hi Max
Alternatively, is it possible we can use any APIs to program it instead of design?

With regards to submodels, do you have an example? The documentation is not detailed enough for me!