BPM: On-hold and escalation to manager for action

Can achieve the following in CUBA?

  1. How can a document waiting for approval be escalated to the person’s manager automatically if it is not actioned within a certain period?
  2. We know by using BPM, we can Approve or Reject a request in the Work flow. How can we keep the request ‘On-hold’ for certain period that will be user definable? If it is not approved, rejected or forwarded within the on-hold period, the document will get back its waiting status for approval. It will be escalated to manager based on escalation rule.
  3. How an user can forward the document approval flow to another user?
  4. Any ideas on how we can show the complete workflow and their assigned persons in graphics?


1 and 2 you can use timers (https://doc.cuba-platform.com/bpm-6.4/timer.html)

3 If you mean that one user must approve right after another you can set the tasks multi-instance type to Sequential instead of parallel.

4 Can you provide more details about what you’re going to do?

Hi Max
For 1 & 2 points, I’m not sure if that link is explaining what I’m look for

  1. Timer may work to trigger update but in that example it is changed the status of the workflow but I want that to be assigned to the supervisor of the user, an entity will have this info but how can I trigger that to update the supervisor’s name as new approver in the work flow? Can you show an example please?

  2. It’s not just changing the status of the workflow automatically but to provide user an option to keep that workflow on hold manually so that it is not escalated to the users supervisor after a certain period as per #1 above. Example, say we set a approval lead time of 7 days but the approver is doing some research on it before approval that will take 15 days, in that case the approver will use this on hold option for 8 more days.

  3. Say I’m approver of a workflow but I decide to direct the workflow to another person who is not the approver at the moment, is it possible?

  4. How can an approver can see who are the previous approver and who are the next to visualize the complete workflow life-cycle, possible?

All of the above are from real-life business application need in a corporate environment without which use of BPM module would be ineffective for my project. These are standard functionality of Workflow management. Therefore if we have a sample app with those functions that will be useful.

Hi Max
Any further comments or update?