BPM no menu . the screen does not display this menu

Guys hi, there is a problem with BPM in a closed network. I create an empty project, add BPM to it, the menu shows that there is a Manager menu, but it is not on the screen… Platform 7.1.0 and the same version for BPM. Where to look ?

Thank you.

p. s. The same actions on a PC with network access = the project is working correctly


Does the user has permissions to see BPM screens? Did you assign any roles that forbid it to the user?

Hi, this will work under any role and any permissions. Repeating one to one on a PC that has Internet access, there are no such problems. Only on a PC on a closed network. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re talking about adding bpm addon to empty project then what is the Manager menu?

the menu shows that there is a Manager menu

Also what are user-admin and rest-api menu items then?

Can you explain in more details what exact steps should be done to reproduce your problem?

Everything is correct, and the other screens are displayed correctly.

I just connect the addon, in the project as the screenshot shows that the menu should be, but when you start the application, there is all the menu except the menu-bpm


By this I meant something like this:

  1. Create a new CUBA project with version 7.1.0 on a computer that doesn’t have an access to the internet.
  2. Add BPM add-on to this project using the CUBA - Marketplace dialog
  3. Create a NEW EMPTY database
  4. Start the application
  5. Login with admin user

Do you do the same? I guess that not, because Marketplace is probably not available without internet. What are your steps to create a project that doesn’t work as expected?

My English is very bad :slightly_smiling_face:

Максим, у меня есть внешний репозиторий, я создаю проект как написано выше, потом копирую сторедж один к одно на закрытый репозиторий, и подключаю модуль по координатам:


Он отображается в меню, но когда захожу в приложение, то на экране уже меню нет. Поэтому и возник вопрос, что может что то требуется еще для закрытой сети. Но артефакты скопированы все, ошибок при билде нет. Спасибо

Then the problem is probably not in the closed network, but in the way you add add-ons to your application.
If you add them manually then in addition to adding the line


in build.gradle, you also need to register add-on in both your web.xml files (for core and web modules):

        <param-value>com.haulmont.cuba com.haulmont.bpm</param-value>

Thank you, I will check it tomorrow, and I will definitely give you feedback. Thank you again.

Thank you again, this is the correct solution to my problem.