BPM model editor localization

Is there any possibility to localize the interface of process model editor and change it’s browser window/tab icon (now it is a tomcat default icon)?

about the icon, you can set it in the tomcat\webapps\app\modeler\modeler.html file. Add the

<link rel="icon" href="editor-app/icon.png">

tag to the



Unfortunately we didn’t find a quick solution how to localize the modeler easily. We’ve created an issue about it.

As for icon, it works until new deployment rewrites the modeler.hmtl file. Is there some more continuous solution?

You should put your version of the modeler.html file to the web\modeler directory of the web module.


I put the files (modeler.html and icon) into web\modeler directory but Cuba Studio didn’t deploy them to the tomcat/webapps/app/modeler folder. Maybe I should make some additions to the build.gradle file?

The files from the web directory should have been copied by the “deploy” task. Does you directories structure look like the one from the screenshot from my previous message?

Sorry for my carelessness, I put the files into another folder. Now it works, thanks.