BPM Issue - How To Get User Task role in program


Suppose i created Two roles (lets say Administrators and caseworker) during my process model design.

And i assigned Administrators role to user task (lets say Approval).

I want to get role which was assigned to my created user task during the process model design( i.e Administrators) in my program.

Please help me to get the role in my code.


Hi, if you have a ProcTask object, you can get the ProcRole by the following references chain: ProcTask -> ProcActor -> ProcRole (see the data model diagram here:

Hi Max,

Thanks for your reply.
But I need process role of user task before starting the process i.e ProcessRuntimeManager.startProcess() method in my program.


I suppose, the following topic is about the same problem: https://www.cuba-platform.com/discuss/t/how-to-get-process-role-of-a-user-task. Let’s continue the discussion there if necessary.