BPM issue #710


I created a process model (lets say Case Approval) and in designing i added 4 process roles i.e (Administrators, caseowner, casesupervisor, caseworker).

I created a user task (lets say Approval) and assigned that task to the casesupervisor role with the multi-instance type as parallel.

Assigning task to the users with the same role which was assigned during the process model design i.e casesupervisor is working fine but

When i am assigning the task to the users with different roles (lets say caseworker) the following error is showing.

PropertyNotFoundException: Cannot resolve identifier ‘sid9840850060DC4D8EBE08A47907EFB79D_result’

I mean to say I want to assign the task to users with irrespective of roles and how to do that.

Please suggest me how to fix the issue.


It seems that adding users to the task that is already assigned to someone is not a trivial task. I’m not sure that Activiti engine supports this and I don’t see a quick solution to solving the problem. Maybe, if you explain your use case, I will be able to suggest you a workaround.