[BPM] Different roles per entity instance

Hi there. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to use the BPM module as part of a workflow application I’m working on.

Through the app, the users can work with a set of journals, but users can have different roles depending on what journal they are working on. For example, someone might be an editor on one journal, but a contributor on another.

I’ve set up tables to handle this in Cuba because I thought it would easier to roll my own rather than try to shoehorn the Cuba security system into working with multiple roles between users and journals.

I understand that BPM uses its own system of roles. Could this be extended to cover my requirement for multiple roles against journals, or should I just build my own simple workflow by hand?

I don’t think the BPM module is going to do quite what I want, so I’ll roll my own miniature version.

Hi Ray
Would you like to share your own approach, this might be useful to some users like me.


I’ll post something here when I’ve got more time to look into it.

But it isn’t going to be that much different. I’m just going to make the role stuff a bit more flexible.

you’re right, just replacing BPM ProcRole with some other entity is impossible.
What you can do is to programmatically assign users of your custom role to corresponding BPM process roles before the process is started.
Or if your workflow is rather simple, e.g. it is just a few sequential steps, it may be better to implement it in your own project without using any BPM engine.