BPM demo #245

I am trying to play with BPM but stuck in the beginning. As i do not use IntelliJ (but looks good one though), but only using it recently to edit files created by CUBA. Can I create the file ApprovalHelper.java from CUBA studio and then edit it in IntelliJ or I must create it from IntelliJ? If so, how?

In the Project tool window expand the core module. If you are using platform 6.1+ then the package com.company.demo.core is already created under the src.
Right click on the package and select New > Java class
Enter the class name in the ‘Create new class’ dialog: ApprovalHelper
See screenshots:

You can read more in the IntelliJ idea documentation here: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/2016.1/creating-and-running-your-first-java-application.html?origin=old_help#create_class



Thanks. I have created the class file but now I have another problem.

Open the screen BPM ? Process models in the running application web interface and press Create. Enter the model name Contract approval and press OK. A new browser tab Model editor will be opened. but when I followed it, the new Browser tab Model Editor didn’t appear. can you have finding it?

The popup window was probably blocked by the browser.