BPM Custom Service Task

I really like the Process Modeler editor. Is there a way to create some custom tasks? For example, I would like the ability to create a special section called “Accounting” and within it, have a task called “Reconcile Ledger”. When the user drags this “Reconcile Ledger”, he will input some settings.
Is it possible?
I’m asking because I know it is possible to do while using the Alfresco-Activitii integration where you can not only create custom stencils for tasks but also create forms.

Unfortunately, creating custom stencils is not available now. If you need to invoke custom logic you have to use the Service task and invoke a managed bean method with the task. You can use method parameters to parameterize the task.
As for user forms, you can define a new form that will be displayed when the user clicks on some process action button. Process forms are described here: https://doc.cuba-platform.com/bpm-6.1/process_forms.html

Thanks. Do you know if this will be available in an upcoming release? Otherwise, i will try to leverage the bpmn.io to create my custom model editor. Thanks.

We have such plans, but I can’t say how soon this feature will be implemented. Is ‘custom tasks’ the only functionality that you lack for? Are there more reasons that make you write your own modeler?

Hi Max, I seem to remember that you mentioned that “custom tasks” should be available by the end of May. Has it been released or if not, do you know when you intend to implement this feature?

Hi, Francis!
It is in release 6.2.0. Here is the link to the documentation.

This is beautiful. Thank you so much.