BPM add-on new release

According to the 2018 roadmap plan we understand there will be a new BPM add-on in the commercial add-on family of CUBA.

I understand it is not part of v7 release plan and active development of this add on is ongoing.

Could you please let us know:
1- what is the planning
2- which BPM engine is selected

I’m asking this question because I have been waiting to use the new one in my project as I have an impression that it will be even better than current one.


The new BPM addon will use Flowable process engine. It is a fork of the Activiti framework and all main developers from Activiti works at Flowable now. The new addon will also have a new process model designer with better integration into CUBA UI. We plan to release the first version it in the first half of the next year.


Thanks for the update. Flowable is a very good choice.

Hi @gorbunkov
Will we have all three major components of Flowable in CUBA i.e. BPMN, CMMN (Case Management), DMN (Decision Table/Rule)?


the first release of the new BPM add-on will have an integration with BPMN only. However, the flowable engine is included as a dependency. It support all the notations and if you need, you’ll be able to create the process definition in some external editor, deploy it and use, like you would do for any java project where flowable is used as embedded engine.