Boolean Values and Oracle

Oracle does not support boolean values. I define a table

create table org
org_id number(9) not null,
org_cd varchar(16) not null,
org_nm varchar2(40),
org_url varchar2(60),
org_admin_nm varchar2(30),
org_admin_email varchar2(3),
is_valid varchar2(1) not null
create sequence org_seq;

comment on column org.org_id       
is 'Surrogate primary key, source org_seq.' ;

comment on column org.org_cd       
is 'Natural ID' ;

comment on column org.org_nm       
is 'Organization Name' ;

comment on column org.org_url 
is 'Website for organization';

comment on column org.org_admin_nm 
is 'Name of individual who is administrative contact';

comment on column org.org_admin_email 
is 'Email Address of administrative contact';

alter table org add constraint o_pk 
primary key (org_id);

alter table org add constraint o_org_cd_uq 

alter table org add constraint o_is_valid_chk
check (is_valid in ('Y','N')); 

I would like to use check boxes and validate the value for is_valid.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi James,

You can find the answer in this post.

So, keep this field as boolean type and map to string in your database as it is shown in the discussion I pointed above.