Boolean value changes when rendering to pdf

Using Yarg I get the correct boolean value returned when output type is xlsx, but it changes when I select pdf.

I suspect it relates to the documented incompatibility between the way Excel and OO handles booleans.

Any workaround/ideas?

Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created a new YouTrack issue.
As a workaround, you can return text values instead of boolean from the dataset.
For instance in JPQL:

select (CASE WHEN te.boolValue = 1 THEN 'true' ELSE 'false' END) as boolValue, 
te.intValue as intValue, 
te.strValue as strValue 
from test$TestEntity te


Hi Rostislav,

I will try the workaround, thank you for the response.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: