BigDecimal Scale

I have set my amount attribute in the order class to BigDecimal with a scale of 3, but in the edit page it rounds up to 2 decimals places. I think the problem is in the data format, I think they should be overwritten with the new Data format that I want, but I don’t know how to write a data format. Can you please give me an example of the BigDecimal data format and suggest what else could be the problem?

You can find an example of creating your own data type with a specific formatting here: Example of a Custom Datatype - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

Even though I have entered in the data format in UI decimalFormat 0.####, the Price input field rounds up to two decimal places.

See the pictures attached.

how can I make the input field allow more than two decimals places?

Screenshot (6)

Screenshot (7)

Please look at the example which I mentioned above, and at the whole section about Datatype.

I followed the guidance in the links referenced above to create a GeoCoordinateDatatype, however in the SQL Server database the scale/precision is 18,0. I’d like it to be 11,8. My datatypes.xml file includes this reference to my new type:

    <datatype class="com.varasset.datatypes.GeoCoordinateDatatype"
              format="#0.00000000" decimalSeparator="." groupingSeparator=""
              javaType="java.lang.BigDecimal" sqlType="decimal"/>