Best way to modify add-on

Hi, a bit of a noob question not directly related to Cuba Platform… thank you in advance for your kind help.

I am trying to modify the FTS add-on to add Japanese morphology analysis.
I downloaded the FTS add-on source from github and began modifying it.

I would like to change the add-on version or name so that when I try to add it manually to a project later on, it does not go and fetch the official add-on version.
However, the version is linked to the Cuba version and it looks like modifying it might break things…

What is the best way of customizing an add-on’s version or name?

Thank you,

If you modify the add-on, you should change artifact group, and its version.
Just change in the build.gradle file.
Existing code as you saw is related to the fact that in CUBA distribution version of some add-ons was equal to framework version.

After publishing your fork of the add-on, you will be able to install it to other projects using the add-on coordinates:

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