Best way to create an editable master-detail-table or datagrid

Hi all,
I am rather new to Cuba and wondering, if there would be a straightforward way to build an expandable master-detail table (associating possibly multiple linked detail records in a hierarchical fashion) that would also be inline editable. As such it would be a combination of the samples “Editable Table”, “DataGrid Inline Editor” and “Datagrid with DetailsGenerator”.
Also see attached screenshot of xceed WPF datagrid control, that provides those features, to exemplify a bit more clearly what’s being meant (notice all fields, master and detail datasets being inline editable).

Any hint or help will be appreciated.

Kind regards



For now, I see no problems implementing the required screen. You correctly pointed out all the demos that will help you.

Pay attention that the DataGrid editor has two modes: buffered and unbuffered:

  • In the buffered mode, editor has two buttons visible: OK button that applies the modifications and closes the editor and a Cancel button discards the changes and exits the editor.
  • In the unbuffered mode, the editor has no buttons and all changed data is applied immediately. If another row is clicked, the editor for the current row is closed and a row editor for the clicked row is opened.

Alternatively, if you want to have editable fields similar to the editable table, you can use the ComponentRender in order to display component as column value, but in this case, you need to implement the logic that will apply changes in the component to a data container.