Best configuration using Subversion as a VCS

Hi, forum followers

We’re beginning to share the Cuba Platform projects development with a team of developers.
I would prefer having Git like a VCS but customer uses Subversion.

In our first tests, we had excluded only ‘build’ an ‘deploy’ folders from versioning control, but when we check out the Cuba Platform project from Subversion and try to open it, Cuba Studio doesn’t end the Graddle process of indexing files, because it tries to index all files in disk drive as it doesn’t recognizes the path of the project.

Reading documentation about the source of the problem, I discover the existence of ‘.gitignore’ file that determines which files have to be exclude when using Git.

If we apply same rule of excluding files defined in ‘.gitignore’ file on Subversion repository settings, will it work? or is there any other files to be excluded?.

Thanks in advance.


Just exclude the same directories and files as mentioned in .gitignore. I used CUBA Platform with SVN in the past and there was no difference in excludes.

Thanks, Yuriy.