BaseStringIdEntity generate column type failed when use oracleDB

hello, i tried CUBA two weekes, it’s perfect! Useing it develop WEB just like develop Winform with c#.
Then tody i found a problem, wish get your helps.
I create a CUSTOM Entity extends BaseStringIdEntity with CUSTOM_CODE as primary key,
then create ORDER entity contains CUSTOM_CODE attribute with @ManyToOne annotations.
The problem is if i use oracleDB then the ORDER entity’s DDL will like “CUSTOM_CODE null(10),” ,it can’t get correct column type;
if use HSQLDB then it’s work right.
I use Studio 2.0.6 ,platform 6.0.9, ojdbc6

best regards. (1.5K) (1.4K)

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Hello. Thank you for a great issue description.
The BUG is taken to work and will be fixed in Studio 2.1.

Thanks. I get it. Wish the 2.1 release earlier!