Barcode in CUBA studio / reports

I need to use bar code in reports and wondering how can I do that as I didn’t see it in the documentations. Thanks for your suggestions.


Please see the following article in YARG Wiki.

Probably you will need to use bitmap formatter.

Thanks. Is there any specific documentations of example available?

I’m not sure which documentation do you mean. I have provided you the article, describing how to insert ANY image to report.

  1. If you need the example of how to generate barcodes.
    Please see (for instance) Barcode4J site.
  2. If you need complete example of how to setup such report in CUBA.
    Please see the article in CUBA documentation.
    Unfortunately, it does not list ${bitmap:x} as an option, but you can use it and it does work.
    All you need is implement groovy band which will generate barcode and put it to result with some alias and then setup the fromatter with ${bitmap:x} format for the alias.

I have added Barcode4j dependency to my test project. Now I can see the jar file listed in the dependency but it is not available to use, i need to know why and how to fix that. I have attached the snap-shot.

Thanks for any help.