Azure Postgres Connection

From Version 15 (November 20, 2020), I’m seeing an issue connecting to a postgres db on azure, using the Test Button on the CUBA\Main Data Store Settings dialog and when running an application. It comes up with a message saying the connection attempt failed.


What I’ve tried:

  • It connects fine on all previous version with same settings. Fresh installs of 14.3, 14.0, 13.4 and 12.3 all work
  • I can see the connection is actually successful in Azure
  • The view of the connection settings looks fine
  • The Cuba menu ‘create database’ and ‘update’ database menu options still work despite the ‘Test Connection’ function not working. It creates a new db in azure and the tables
  • It’s the same issue on a different PC in a different location
  • It’s the same with ssl on or off

Any thoughts?


resolved by adding ‘?gssEncMode=disable’ as a connection parameter