Awesome people working in CUBA-FRAMEWORK

I wanted to express my deep appreciation that, the framework you guys have developed is so productive and developer friendly that it is not enough saying “Excellent”! It is so handy tool that it can speedup transforming an idea or a business need into application in minutes.

The tool has so much to offer which are in-built that I believe most of the developers / teams have to spends hours or days to address them but @ CUBA-FRAMEWORK, it is working just fine without any configuration but of course you have option to modify and make specific to your need.

The forum support team is awesome. The response time it very very impressive to me. And it’s not only the agility but quality, very helpful and friendly.

I look forward to see a continuous enhancement with a road-map and for which inputs from community e.g. what are the features/functionalities that the community want to have might be useful, but at the same time I have full confidence in you guys, you have a lot of great ideas!!!



Hey Mortoza, I second that. I’ve been using the CUBA for about 6 months now, and the platform is so amazing. I always had that big idea to create my application and once I stumbled upon the CUBA platform, I was able to get a production release in a matter of weeks as opposed to years. And the nice thing about it, is that if you subscribe to their service plan, the response time is even faster. The CUBA team is able to enhance your code, do a code review, and actually show you best practices. The low price for that service is definitely worth it, and I recommend it for everyone.

Thank you very much for your kind words!
We really enjoy working on a tool that helps people to create software.
When creating a new product, you never feel completely confident that it is good enough. So we are excited to get feedback from the community, especially that positive :slight_smile:

I’ve even opened the new category for this topic, I hope we will deserve some more in the future :slight_smile:

As someone who has spent a great deal of time on Microsoft’s Lightswitch product I’m really surprised how good this is. The CUBA team should be very proud!


Thank you for such encouraging words! We are excited to see people moving from Lightswitch to CUBA.

Thanks a lot to the platform developers!
I have used the platform in the university for learning purposes. In two weeks I have made the project not being great skilled in Java. The documentation is very usable and contains lots of samples.
Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

Guys, you’ve created awesome framework!
And special thanks for HQ documentation.

We are going to rely on it in our further development.