Automatic tables creation of additional DataStore

Hi all,
I added to my CUBA application an additional Datastore called “TSDataStore” indicating the “Create and update” option as “DB Schema management”.
Then I created a sql file containing the instruction to create the TSDataStore tables.
If I run “Create Database” from CUBA Studio as shown in the image below, everything works correctly.

then, following this link (Appendix B: Application Properties - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual)
I defined to my this config variable
cuba.automaticDatabaseUpdate_TSDataStore = true

If I create the UberJar and run it , only the creation of the Main Datastore is performed while the additional datastore is not considered,
below is the application log at startup

14:29:42.101 INFO  c.h.cuba.core.sys.MetadataImpl          - Initializing metadata
14:29:42.239 INFO  c.h.cuba.core.sys.MetadataImpl          - Metadata initialized in 138 ms
14:29:42.696 INFO  c.h.c.c.sys.dbupdate.DbUpdaterEngine    - Updating data store [Main] ...
14:29:42.973 INFO  c.h.c.c.sys.dbupdate.DbUpdaterEngine    - Data store [Main] is up-to-date
14:29:42.976 INFO  c.myapp.core.AppLifecycleBean    - **************** APP STARTED **************** 

Can you help me to understand if something is missing in my configuration?
Thanks Massimo.

Hi Massimo,

Try to debug your application: set a breakpoint at cuba/ at release_7_2 · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub and you will see why only the main data store is updated.