Automatic sending of logs

Hello, I have deployed my application at a client and while testing it, they are uncovering some bugs. So when they report a bug, i have to log in to the client environment, open the log file and track down the time as to when the error happened.
I was wondering if there was a way so that whenever the application generates an error or an exception, the user could just click a button “Send log”, and I will be emailed automatically the error message and/or the log.
Or in general, what would be the best to generate a bug reporting system so that whenever the application generates an error, it can be sent automatically to an email address?

Hi, Francis!
There is a cuba.supportEmail application property for the Web module. If the property is set then a “Report” button appears at the “Unexpected error” dialog. You can read about this application property here:

This application property is stored in the database, so you can set it with the ConfigStorageMBean. Another option is to set the value in the or file of your application.


Yes it works. Awesome. Exactly what I needed. Thank you.