Automatic filter screen based on menu params

I’m trying to open a screen that is filtered by a parameter set in the menu item.

First I edit the web application menu and I added a parameter to the menu item that opens the browse screen:

  • name of param: idarea
  • value: 4

Next I changed the screen query like this:

select e from testapp$TCategorieTag e where = :param$idarea

Does not work, but I don’t understand if this is the correct way to do that.
Thank you for help

Hi Michele,

It should work.

The problem can be in that parameters passed from menu are of String type, but your query requires a type of the entity identifier, e.g. Long. If so, you can convert the parameter right in the screen controller like this:

public class FooBrowse extends AbstractLookup {

    public void init(Map<String, Object> params) {
        String fooIdParam = (String) params.get("fooId");
        if (fooIdParam != null) {
            params.put("fooId", Long.valueOf(fooIdParam));

My query is:

select e from sample$Foo e where = :param$fooId