Autogenerated UI changes

HI everyone, during the creation of our first Cuba Platform application we came into this question: when we customize the autogenerated UI, both XML and java files, is there a way to do not loose them if we re-generate the UI again due to an addition of a few entities to the app?

i think for example to an extend of the java class, but i don’t have an idea about how to extend the xml…

Is there a best practice method to follow in this case?

Thank you very much

If you are using Cuba Studio to add attributes to an Entity, after you apply the changes, a pop up should appear asking which screens/UI elements you would like to add the attribute to. It will also update the view that that screen uses. (This may only work for fieldgroups and tables with ID’s)

If you want to do it manually, make sure your new attributes are added to the relevant views that the screen data sources are calling on. Once they are in the view you should be able to manually add that new attribute to any component or call on in it in the screen controller.

Hopefully this helps, I am still learning new stuff about Cuba daily.

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ok i understood!!! you are right!!


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