Auto resize columns of (group)table


Just activated grouping on a first table and by default I have the hereunder result:

  • the grouped column size has not been adjusted to content
  • column headers are slightly offset

And I did not find a method in Table API to adjust column to content. Is this expected behavior ? Css for table was not changed.

I know that user can then adjust the size manually and that it is kept in the settings, but we have dozens of screens, it would be good that they display properly by default.


Hello, @michael.renaud

Actually, all table components doesn’t support auto-resize. Moreover, if you change a width of any column it will be saved and used later.

Please clarify what version of CUBA.platform do you use? The misaligned columns problem was fixed some time ago.


I use platform 6.7.9

Could you specify your environment (Browser and display parameters)?

Also it will be nice if you will attach a small test project when the problem can be reproduced.


I managed to reproduce the column misalignment issue, see attached project. Seems

columns.rar (287.4 KB)


Thank you for you project.

The problem is reproduced if you use aggregatable table.

I’ve created an issue in YouTrack: link.


Thanks Daniil. Yes that’s correct it is on aggregatable table.

Do you plan also to provide auto-resize feature for columns ? Or at least extend the Table API so we can do it ourselves.

No, I think that it is not in our plans.

any news regarding this issue?

Thank you

Hello, @george.serban

If you are asking about misalign columns - no, this problem is not fixed: GitHub issue.

And if you are asking about column resize API - we still do not plan to do this. But you can create an idea in the corresponding forum category, and if people will vote for it, we will review the request.


Hello @michael.renaud and @george.serban!

We’ve finally fixed the issue. Related changes are included into new 6.8.12 and 6.9.5 releases.

Best regards,

Great news, thanks Daniil