Attribute from view cannot be loaded

I have few entities which are related to each other:
A profile contains 1 or more project experiences and a project experience contains a project.
When I want to link a project experience to the profile by using the add action, it cannot fetch the attribute ‘profile’ from the selected profile experience.
However, the attribute ‘profile’ is checked in the projectexperience-view.

IllegalStateException: Cannot get unfetched attribute [profile] from detached object [detached].

You can find an example project below.
Any help is appreciated. (226.0K)


I have looked at your project.

When you add a “ProjectExperience” to “Profile” the ProjectExperience.browse screen is opened. The datasource of that screen uses the _local view. So the link to “Profile” could not be written to the selected instance of “ProjectExperience”.

To solve the problem change the view to “projectExperience-view” or create a new one with the link attribute.

Thank you for the reply.

I was able to change the view associations in my project too. They can sometimes be quite hidden…
Anyway, I got that working now. Thanks!